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Partnering with your health insurance plan to lower your                     out-of-pocket surgical procedure expenses

We partner with your health insurance plan, surgical facility, doctor and device manufacturer to handle the billing, coordination and reimbursement of the implants or medical device used in your surgery.

The IPG Patient Advantage Process:

  • IPG funds the implant or medical device used in your surgery.
  • IPG bills your health insurance plan and obtains reimbursement for the device, tools or biologics used in your surgery.
  • You may be responsible for the deductible and co-insurance on your policy.
  • IPG sends a statement outlining the patient’s financial responsibility.

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IPG partners with your health insurance plan in an effort to lower your out-of-pocket expenses on surgical procedures.

A Few Procedures that we Cover

> Orthopedics
> Neurosurgical
> Cardiovascular
> Ophthalmology
> Digestive
> Urological
> General Surgery

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