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What to Expect

Before and after your surgical procedure

We understand that with any surgical procedure comes an overload of information and paperwork. That’s why we follow a specific communication sequence to make your billing and payment process as clear as possible.
1. Case sent to IPG
If your doctor thinks there is a possibility that a device, tool or biologic will be used in your surgical procedure, then the facility where your procedure is performed will send your case to IPG so we can make sure we supply them with the highest quality, most affordable parts that meet all of your doctor’s clinical requirements.
2. IPG receives case
Once IPG has received your case from your facility, a representative may call you to verify that we have your correct insurance information and mailing address, to ensure your case is properly billed to your health insurance plan.
3. Patient Consent Form signed

Signing the IPG Consent Form ensures we are able to access documents required to billing your insurance company for your procedure. Your facility may give you a flyer and ask you to sign the IPG consent form on the day of your surgery. If you didn’t sign this document at your facility, or if you’d like to pre-sign before the day of your surgery, please click here to sign digitally.

4. Estimate letter sent
This will tell you how much we expect you will owe IPG after your health insurance plan has paid their part. Keep in mind that this is based on the benefit information available at the time the claim was filed. The amount may change, since the health insurance plan is likely processing claims from your doctor and/or facility, as well. If you feel the estimate is incorrect or if you would like to verify the insurance we have on file, please contact an IPG Patient Representative at (866) 295-1260.
1. Claim processing letter sent
If your claim is taking your health insurance plan more than 45 days to process, you may receive this notice. This letter lets you know that we are still waiting for the claim to be paid. No action is required on your part at this time, unless you need to update your address or contact information.
2. Balance due letter sent
After your claim is paid by the health insurance plan, you will receive a statement with the amount you owe. Payment is expected in full upon receipt. You may go online to to make a payment. If you are unable to pay in full, please contact an IPG Patient Advantage Representative at (866) 295-1260 to discuss payment options.

What happens if your payment is past due?

If you fall behind on your payment(s) to IPG, you’ll receive the following communication(s) from us:
If you do not pay your account in full, or fail to make payments on time, your account will be at risk of moving to a delinquent status. It is imperative that you contact an IPG Patient Advantage Representative at (866) 295-1260 to avoid further collection activity.
In the event you do not contact us and establish an agreed upon resolution to your balance, IPG will refer your account to Surgical Collections Group, Inc. (SCG), a collection entity who will contact you regarding your past due, delinquent balance.
It is our goal to work with you to address your outstanding balance promptly. By paying in full upon receipt, or establishing an agreed upon payment plan with your IPG Advantage Representative at (866) 295-1260, your account will remain in good standing and not require additional collection activity.

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IPG partners with your health insurance plan in an effort to lower your out-of-pocket expenses on surgical procedures.

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